Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Paintings from my sister's Instagram pictures...

While looking for studio work inspiration, I remembered my sister's beautiful pictures on Instagram. She currently lives in South Africa with her family and takes magical photographs of her three beautiful daughters in their daily lives. I won't post the original photographs as I like to leave a bit of mystery, but here is the result below. I ended up doing three paintings and I really enjoyed it. I love the green colourful summery feeling about them, which is a nice change from the wet and cold weather we are having here in England. 

My partner and I have just returned from a trip to Johannesburg to visit them and I took the three paintings in the plane with me to give them as a present for having us. They loved the paintings and we had such a wonderful time.

The first painting below is from my niece (and goddaughter) Aliénor's 8th birthday party. This little group of girls opening presents in the shade, surrounded by cushions and bunting is just too cute. I loved the way the trees are framing the scene and I liked the point of view taken from above. 

Aliénor's birthday - Johannesburg  11"x11"  oil on board

Here are a few of images of the progress of the painting:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

In the group of girls, Aliénor is the one opening the present with her head looking down. Her sister Colombine is seating back at us wearing purple and turning her head towards us, and her little sister Aprilia is on the far right of the painting, probably making a move to run on the grass.

Detail of the finished painting

Detail of the finished painting

Below is a painting of Aliénor playing with balloons during her birthday party. I just loved her position here and her subtle expression. She is an amazing little girl, sweet and sensitive, and this painting summarises it to me.

Aliénor on her 8th birthday  11"x11"  oil on board

Here are a couple of images of the progress of the painting:

First stage - the drawing

Adding the colours

Detail of the finished painting

Detail of the finished painting

And below are the three sisters on holiday looking at the beautiful South African scenery. The view is breathtaking. I would love to paint there! I loved the warm light shining through the whole scene and reflecting on the girls' dresses.

My three nieces in South Africa  11"x11" oil on board

Here are a few of images of the progress of the painting:

First stage - the drawing

I had a little help from my mini assistant!

After blocking in all the colours

Detail of the finished painting

Detail (Aliénor)

Detail (Colombine)

Detail (Aprilia)

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