Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bath views from Oldfield Park

Here are a couple of winter scenes I painted just around the corner from where I live. I'm loving those views over Bath and the warm and cool tones of winter landscapes.

Bath views from Oldfield Park   12"x10"  oil on board 

The painting above was done in a local playground but there was hardly anybody around because it was such a cold day. I picked a composition that included the views, the trees, the foreground grass and the swirly path that leads the eye of the viewer.

It was a beautiful sunny day but every now and then a big cloud would cast a shadow on the distant views of the city so I decided to "freeze" this moment on my painting: 


I like the idea that small parts of my paintings can be treated as abstract work:


Below is painting done on an other day on the top of my street. This is the same view as one of my snow painting if you remember (click here to see it). 

Bath views from the top of Ivy avenue  16"x9"  oil on board

There was a lovely pink light and the houses in the distance in Bath stone really caught the sunlight. I was really cold when I painted this and at some point towards the end I couldn't carry on so I rushed back home and added the last details from memory from the warmth of my studio...


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Impressions of Venice opening night

Last Friday I went to the private viewing of the Venice show "Impressions of Venice" at the Mine Gallery in Carshalton, London. I had a great time. It is a beautiful show and I'm very proud to be a part of it. Here are all the details about the show which will run until the end of March:

All paintings are for sale and can be viewed on the online catalogue in the link below:

Here are some pictures of the evening:

Karl Terry's large painting stands beautifully in the middle of the wall arrangement 

Me and my mum who accompanied me to the evening 

Some of my paintings

And some more

Tim King in front of his masterpieces

Andrew Candy from the Mine Gallery chatting with Tim and I  

Lovely work from David Bachmann on the left and John Stillman on the right

Chatting with the painter Paul Aps -
we knew each other from Facebook but it was the first time we met for real!

In great conversation with the painter John Stillman
and Art lover Wiesia Janina Cook-Bownas

Lovely paintings from Haidee-Jo Summers

Mixed work from John Stillman, myself and others

I loved this painting at the top from Derek Daniells

I loved the nocturne at the bottom by Roy Connelly

To finish this post, here is a great video done by fellow painter Roy Connelly who was in Venice last November with us and put together this film to show what a great trip it was. It comes from his blog www.royconnelly.com/blog and he kindly let me use it here.

Artists on the film that are in the show are:
David Bachmann
Roy Connelly
Tony Dakin
Tim King
Valérie Pirlot
Michael Richardson
Haidee-Jo Summers
Karl Terry