Sunday, 17 June 2018

Portugal trip - Part 1

When you have two little children climbing on your leg every time you try to work on the computer, things tend to take a bit longer to get done! That's why I'm finally posting now my 1st blog from the Portugal trip in the Algarve which took place in April. I have 3 more posts to do about Portugal (at this rate it will be done by Christmas!) and I'm showing you each time some step by step and the locations of the paintings done during the trip.

I was in good company during that trip with 4 wonderful painters - David Bachmann, Tim King, Mo Teeuw and John Walsom.

The first painting done, straight after getting off the plane was this cliff near Portimao (sorry forgot the name!). What attracted me to the subject was the light reflected in the water with those gorgeous green and purple hues.

Water reflections - Near Portimao
Oil on board | Approx 10”x6.5”


See below the setting. I ended up at home chopping a bit of the left of the painting as I thought the composition worked better that way...

Action shot - it was rather windy

Mo Teeuw trying not to be blown away by the wind!

For the next painting we headed to Ferragudo. There was a lovely sparkling light on the water and I tried to capture that with spontaneous brushstrokes.

Boats at Ferragudo  - 10"x8" - oil on  board  SOLD


The next day David took us to a wonderful spot (Praia dos Tres Castelos) and we got there in time to capture the morning light.

Morning shimmering light - Praia dos Tres Castelos
Oil on board | 10”x8”
Available here


See the progress of my painting below:

Mo Teeuw

John Walsom and David Bachmann

We then went back to Ferragudo but weather wasn't great. While David and Mo were painting the distant views I decided to make them the subject of my painting.

Painters in Ferragudo
Oil on board | 12"x7.5"
Available here


I'll finish with the happy news that I've recently been elected as a member of the Bath Society of Artists! Super chuffed about it!

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