Thursday, 2 August 2018

Portugal trip - Part 2

Here is the part two of my Portugal blog. Still in Ferragudo, Mo Teeuw and I saw a lovely painting opportunity in these local men chatting in front of the fishermen's huts. It was very entertaining to hear them in great debate while we were painting.

Fishermen's chat under the trees - Ferragudo  12"x10"  oil on board
Available for sale here

First stage of the painting

Guess who's the lazy one sitting down?



That's 3 paintings done that day but I was hungry for a quick last one! I did this little painting of the Fort on the beach before the sun went down:

The Fort, Ferragudo   10"x8"  oil on board
Available for sale here


Next day was a rainy one. so we settled for some still life which I greatly enjoyed.

Jug and lemons - SOLD


The set up

One of my favourite things to paint for still life: fish!

Fish for dinner - Cama da Vaca   - 12"x10"  oil on board
Available for sale here


Mo's legs as she was painting next to me

This last one below, I had to rush as the cook wanted to put it in the oven! 'One more minute and I'm done!', I kept saying every 10 minutes!

Fish - Cama da Vaca  - selected for a show
More info about how to reserve it here


Two more posts to come about the Portugal trip, then I have many more things to share in future posts- flowers, people and paintings of Bath. Thanks for reading!

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