Sunday, 20 February 2011

Views from Lansdown golfcourse, Bath

Here is an other study of the golfcourse at Lansdown (see the other painting I posted a few weeks ago called "Summer evening at the Lansdown golfcourse, Bath").
I painted this yesterday afternoon and decided to do it in no longer than 30 minutes, use a small canvas and as much paint as possible in order to keep it spontaneous and full of brushstrokes. It was great fun.

Views from Lansdown golfcourse, Bath     oil on board, 10"x8"

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Avon, Bath on a sunny winter day

Last Saturday I went painting just a short walk from my flat alongside the Avon. It was a beautiful sunny day and the opportunity to try for the first time my new pochade box which I ordered specially from the USA (I'm such a nerd aren't I).

The Avon, Bath on a  sunny winter day    oil on board   14"x10"

As I was painting, a kid passing by told me (with a strong local accent) "you shouldn't paint the bridge, it's a horrible bridge." I'm afraid I didn't follow his advice and did find it rather interesting to paint and was pleased to include it in the painting!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Everlasting Roses

I painted those roses a few weeks ago but just got around to photograph the painting. I've called them Everlasting Roses as they lasted for more than a month and stayed beautiful until their very last day...

Everlasting Roses   oil on board   12"x10"

I specially enjoyed painting the reflections in the vase and the patches of light on the petals. I didn't paint the flowers as bright pink as they were and went for something more subtle instead.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wedding sunset, Bath

Here is an other study that goes with my current "Gone With The Wind"-type-of-skies-obsession...

Wedding sunset, Bath      oil on board   10"x8"

Last year I went to a friend's wedding and the reception was in the beautiful countryside just outside of Bath and I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset. I didn't do any sketches though (a bit antisocial to do that in a wedding reception maybe?) and the only pictures I took of the landscape somehow always ended up with my friends in the foreground (how inconvenient, really...) so this is more a memory/imagination type of painting again. When I paint peaceful places like that, I just want to jump in the painting like in Mary Poppins and have a walk in the hills!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

In the middle of Nowhere...

Here is small study I just finished...

In the middle of Nowhere     oil on board  12"x10"

It is called that way because this place doesn't really exist. Here is what happened: I saw a beautiful sky picture on a Facebook's friend album (thanks Vicky!) and decided - with permission- to use it as a starting point for a sky study. I could have painted the buildings shown on the picture but I decided to make up a landscape instead - (either because I'm a bit lazy - or for real artistic purposes - I'll let you choose!)

Here is the picture I used as a starting point

Since it was a bit of an impulsive one, I didn't get the chance to print the image so I ended up painting with my computer as a reference! Why not? Let's embrace the technology!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Green apples and a glass of water

Here is a quick post about the still life I did with the Bath Painting group at the Bath Artist Studio last Saturday.

Green apples and a glass of water      oil on board, 12"x10"

Here is the setting on the day:

Whatever I'm painting, I like to be surrounded by pictures of my favourite paintings but since I wasn't in my own studio, I decided to bring along my favourite Cézanne's still life - it's a photograph I took of the original painting last time I went to Orsay Museum in Paris which is probably strictly forbidden but I promise I didn't use a flash! I must admit I shamefully stole a few tricks from it while painting the apples :-)

Here is the group, very focused!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bristol with the Plein Air Society

Last Sunday I went painting with the Plein Air Society in Bristol. It was the first time I painted with the group and was a great experience and the occasion to meet very talented painters such as Antony Bridge, Roy Connelly, Andrew Taylor and Gynis Dray. I made two paintings on the day.

Victoria Rooms, Bristol    oil on board  14"x10"   

Here is the first one I made. I was sitting just in front of the Royal West of England Academy facing the Victoria Rooms. It was pretty cold but the sun kept me warm. Below is the picture I took after I finished the painting. You can see in the distance Antony Bridge painting the Royal Academy which was behind me.

And in a funny way here is below Antony's picture taking a reference of his painting where you can see me painting accross the road if you have good eyes.

In the afternoon we headed for the harbour where I did my second painting.

Antony Bridge, Andrew Taylor, Glynis Dray and me

Bristol harbour, Winter afternoon   oil on board  14"x10"

I used a table easel which I put on my lap

that's me half frozen

Antony Bridge painting - really liked what he did!