Tuesday, 8 February 2011

In the middle of Nowhere...

Here is small study I just finished...

In the middle of Nowhere     oil on board  12"x10"

It is called that way because this place doesn't really exist. Here is what happened: I saw a beautiful sky picture on a Facebook's friend album (thanks Vicky!) and decided - with permission- to use it as a starting point for a sky study. I could have painted the buildings shown on the picture but I decided to make up a landscape instead - (either because I'm a bit lazy - or for real artistic purposes - I'll let you choose!)

Here is the picture I used as a starting point

Since it was a bit of an impulsive one, I didn't get the chance to print the image so I ended up painting with my computer as a reference! Why not? Let's embrace the technology!


  1. That's a gorgeous painting Valerie! I love the colours and treatment of the clouds! good work!