Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bristol with the Plein Air Society

Last Sunday I went painting with the Plein Air Society in Bristol. It was the first time I painted with the group and was a great experience and the occasion to meet very talented painters such as Antony Bridge, Roy Connelly, Andrew Taylor and Gynis Dray. I made two paintings on the day.

Victoria Rooms, Bristol    oil on board  14"x10"   

Here is the first one I made. I was sitting just in front of the Royal West of England Academy facing the Victoria Rooms. It was pretty cold but the sun kept me warm. Below is the picture I took after I finished the painting. You can see in the distance Antony Bridge painting the Royal Academy which was behind me.

And in a funny way here is below Antony's picture taking a reference of his painting where you can see me painting accross the road if you have good eyes.

In the afternoon we headed for the harbour where I did my second painting.

Antony Bridge, Andrew Taylor, Glynis Dray and me

Bristol harbour, Winter afternoon   oil on board  14"x10"

I used a table easel which I put on my lap

that's me half frozen

Antony Bridge painting - really liked what he did!


  1. Canon! J'adore surtout la 2ème.
    Petite question : ça doit pas être simple de peindre avec des gants?!?!!?!

  2. Great stuff Valerie! You've got those lovely sandstone colours....clearly living in Bath helps tune you in to that. Nice to see the sun was shining and the subtle harmonies in the harbour piece work very well. An excellent day's work!

    It looks like you all enjoyed the day. I look forward to making it to a session in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Effectivement Sophie c'est pas simple de peindre avec des gants mais se sont ceux sans les bouts des doigts (gentiment offerts par notre cousine Anne!) donc c'est mieux tout de même. Et c'était nécessaire tellement il faisait froid. J'avais même un petit sac auto-chauffant que j'avais mis dans mon gant pour ne pas geler!

  4. You have got a lovely, rather summery feeling of light on your the Victoria rooms, music Dept.(Who would guess it was so cold?)
    Yes, it was a really nice day and new experience for me too. Lets hope the weather is as kind at the next meet.

  5. Great work, Valerie. It was nice to meet you all.

  6. Great work and I miss being around with you as I can't do sundays-the only day I don't paint. It looks like a wonderful day to me and there's nothing that brings a buzz as much as being in the midst of fellow painters and painting away!
    Love your paintings too!