Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wedding sunset, Bath

Here is an other study that goes with my current "Gone With The Wind"-type-of-skies-obsession...

Wedding sunset, Bath      oil on board   10"x8"

Last year I went to a friend's wedding and the reception was in the beautiful countryside just outside of Bath and I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset. I didn't do any sketches though (a bit antisocial to do that in a wedding reception maybe?) and the only pictures I took of the landscape somehow always ended up with my friends in the foreground (how inconvenient, really...) so this is more a memory/imagination type of painting again. When I paint peaceful places like that, I just want to jump in the painting like in Mary Poppins and have a walk in the hills!


  1. Moi aussi, je voudrais bien sauter dans tes tableaux comme Mary Poppins! Sophie

  2. another beauty. You have a beautiful palette and your brushwork is fabulous.

  3. The light effect here is very convincing. Well done!