Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Everlasting Roses

I painted those roses a few weeks ago but just got around to photograph the painting. I've called them Everlasting Roses as they lasted for more than a month and stayed beautiful until their very last day...

Everlasting Roses   oil on board   12"x10"

I specially enjoyed painting the reflections in the vase and the patches of light on the petals. I didn't paint the flowers as bright pink as they were and went for something more subtle instead.


  1. Nice work. You have sudddenly got me wanting to paint a roses. And the play of light and shade in those roses is quite subtle. I like the chaos of the paint tubes in contrast,they could have fitted quite well into the paintng.

  2. Thanks for your comment Andrew and glad this inspired you somehow! You are right, the paint tubes would be a good painting subject, or maybe even the whole studio - a bit in style of compositions of Ken Howard (no pressure at all with the comparison here!)