Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lansdown view - January late afternoon

Last week-end I went to the top of Lansdown in Bath looking for an inspiring place to paint. After 20 minutes of driving around I finally spotted a beautiful view at the end of a lane showing Bath litten by the late afternoon winter sunshine.

Lansdown view - January late afternoon      10"x8"  oil on board

Here below is the view at the beginning of the session. I had all my gear to paint outside but it was so cold that I decided to stay in the car and paint from the passenger seat with my pochade box on my lap. Now, this will be a good test to see if my partner ever reads my blog as I'm not supposed to paint in his car so let's see if he says anything in the next few days...Oups... ;)

Here is below the view from the car just before I headed home. It went dark very quickly so I had to stop.



  1. Lovely painting Valerie. Especially in such a crampt area. I do love your squar brush strokes. Lets hope your partner doesn`t see your latest posting eh? But I have a feeling that you know he would have a go at you. All the best valerie.

  2. Quite abstract, yet you still convey a real sense of 'light' and warmth (I expect it was cold tho'). (tell him sacrifices need to be made in the name of Art.)

  3. Very nice. If the car is clean enough that he doesn't notice, then he has nothing to complain about does he?
    I really like seeing how you edited the view. Glad you left out the trash cans.he yellowsand purples look really great together.

  4. Thanks Vic, Andrew and Douglas. I did try to keep it abstract indeed and I kept telling myself the whole time "simplify, simplify!" as you can get so easily lost in the details. My boyfriend has now been using his car again and no complain yet so I think I got away with it;)

  5. Valerie, this piece is lovely. You inspire me with the way you simplified the scene yet captured so much with each brush stroke.

  6. Thanks Scott! This is one of the best comment ever :-) Hope the painting is going well. Let's 2012 be an inspiring year...

  7. Great work Valerie, It's nice to see such confident unfussy brush-work. I also admire the fact that you haven't tried to slavishly copy the scene before but have instead found an equivalence in terms of paint

  8. Thanks Keith for your lovely comment! Indeed, my painting rarely stick to the reality and I always take the subject like a starting point for an idea, try to simplify everything and just let it flow and see what happens. Glad you like it.

  9. Gorgeous! You really captured a lovely light. Very loose and confident. Lovely.
    Happy Painting,