Thursday, 14 July 2011

Goult in the midday sunshine

Following my previous post, here is an other painting I just made a couple of days ago since the return from my holiday in France. This was done from a photograph taken on the first day in a beautiful little village called Goult.

Goult in the midday sunshine   10"x7" oil on board

What caught my eye was the sunny landscape framed by the arch and the patches of sky showing through the top window. For the little story, it wasn't the first time I came to this village. I was actually there when I was 14 years old for a family holiday and had my first holiday romance with a local guy called Pierre... You bet I was looking around last week expecting to bump into him! (but I didn't...)

One of the reference photographs

Below is my painting in progress in what is my usual set up for studio work - I never get around to print my photographs so I tend to paint with my picture on the computer as a reference. Not ideal but good enough for small studies.

Do you think I'm a little bit running out of wallspace maybe??


  1. J'adore!!!! La lumière est magnifique... Il faut absolument que tu exposes là-bas un jour.... Sophie

  2. You picked a very interesting view, and I love how the composition creates a center of interest. Its very nice how the landscape becomes a focal point.
    I always like seeing artists studios. I love seeing works in progress, and even sketches that will never become paintings. It is also interesting to see the climate artists work in and the props and items that they keep in their studios. One of my favorite things about some museums is where they recreate an artist's studio.
    I need to organize my studio better. But I spend most of my time working in different locations, so I mostly use it for storage. My friends and I are still painting out, in fact I've been calling to set one up for tomorrow, but the heat is making us quit a lot sooner. Usually we barely make a late lunch, now we are trying to hang in there until we can go have an early brunch somewhere.

  3. Beautiful, I love the colors. Your studio is so nice, very well organize and tidy... how do you do that?

  4. Thanks for your comments. Violetta, I have a secret to keep the illusion of tidiness; it's the curtain below my table. Believe me you don't want to open it as you would be inundated with a total random mess;)