Saturday, 23 July 2011

Alongside the Avon, Bath on a summer evening

As I didn't have any plans yesterday (I know, I bit sad on a Friday), I decided to head down to the river Avon, just 2 minutes walk from my flat and try to catch the sunset for a quick study. After hesitating about which spot to pick I finally settled on the side of the path just after the bridge.

Alongside the Avon, Bath on a summer evening    6"x8"   oil on canvas

I worked quickly and used thick brushstrokes to keep it spontaneous. Below is my setting on the path. I took this photograph at the end of the session and could feel the first drops of rain. I rushed home trying to protect the canvas from the rain - to be honest I was more annoyed with the thought of my fresh laundry still hanging in the garden;)

I realise as the time goes by I tend to work on smaller and smaller canvases. Only a year ago I would work mainly on 14"x18" and now I'm on 6"x8"! At this rate I will be soon working on post stamps! I will be working again at some point on big scale studio work but for the moment I'm just enjoying those small studies.


  1. Hi Valerie.
    I love it. It`s the way I would love to paint and never give up trying. Beautiful. All the best Valerie.

  2. Thanks Victor! This must be one of the nicest compliment I've had! You know I'm never sure if my paintings are ok or not and I tend to look at other artists' work wondering if I will ever get as good so that shows that we all have self doubt and we all want to get better. All the best to you too.

  3. J'adore! Effectivement, de plus en plus petit et aussi de plus en plus impressionniste il me semble. Mais toujours la même lumière et tellement poétique! Sophie

  4. Great color and brushwork. Smaller paintings just lend themselves to plein air work. They really force the artist to simplify shapes color and value.

  5. What a treat to find your blog (through Doug's mentioning of you) and the first painting I see is just beautiful! I like seeing your confident brush strokes and the colors are perfect. And Doug is right in saying that smaller supports are good for plein air. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog further and seeing more of your work.

  6. Thanks Sophie, Douglas and Linda! Your comments are much appreciated...