Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lyme Regis coastline

Some paintings just come naturally, effortlessly, as if the hand had a life of its own. Well, this is NOT one of those! I really struggled with this one and kept retouching it days after days but I've decided it's finished now, although I can't tell if it's any good as I probably need to take more distance to it now...

Lyme Regis coastline    oil on board, 12"x10

It's based on some sketches and photographs taken at the same time as the picture for my other Lyme Regis painting posted a few days ago. Here is below the main photograph I used although I changed the whole colour balance of the scene:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Summer evening at the Lansdown golfcourse, Bath

Here is a quick study I just finished based on some sketches and photographs I took last summer as I was accompanying my boyfriend during his golf practice. He probably was a bit annoyed I would rather sketch and photograph the landscape than check out his great swing!

Summer evening at the Lansdown golfcourse, Bath   oil on board 10"x8"  

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Landscape in the Mendips

I just finished a painting of a view in the Mendips. I had great fun with the treatment of the sky and the fields in the distance. I used big brushes and a small canvas in order to keep it spontaneous and exciting.

Landscape in the Mendips    oil on board10"x12"

It all came from a quick snapshot I took from the passenger seat window of the car as we were driving through the countryside in the Mendips last Autumn.  This beautiful scenery took me by surprise and I'm grateful my mobile phone's camera managed to take a decent picture although the car was moving rather fast (see below). This was a great starting point for a painting and kept me busy in the studio during those last rainy days.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I've been working yesterday on a seascape from a photograph I took last year during a week-end in Lyme Regis. I wish I had done it on the spot but you can't always have your material on you.
Here is below the finished painting:

Boats entering the port, Lyme Regis    10"x14"

And below is the original photograph I worked from. As you can see, I've changed a few things. I took some liberty with the clouds and water reflections and I also decided to remove the left part of the port and amend the position and numbers of the boats to make the composition work better (I think?).

Monday, 3 January 2011

A painting for Christmas

Just a quick post about a painting I recently got commissioned for. A very nice chap contacted me a few weeks ago to do a painting of his lovely house in Essex so he could give it as a present to his fiancee in time for Christmas. I was very excited by the project and managed to finish it on time (just! - my last brush strokes were done at 2am before the delivery day!), and although it has been done from photographs, I hope I have managed to convey the feel of the place. I'm happy with it and the owners are happy too so it was a great way to finish the year on a high!