Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Landscape in the Mendips

I just finished a painting of a view in the Mendips. I had great fun with the treatment of the sky and the fields in the distance. I used big brushes and a small canvas in order to keep it spontaneous and exciting.

Landscape in the Mendips    oil on board10"x12"

It all came from a quick snapshot I took from the passenger seat window of the car as we were driving through the countryside in the Mendips last Autumn.  This beautiful scenery took me by surprise and I'm grateful my mobile phone's camera managed to take a decent picture although the car was moving rather fast (see below). This was a great starting point for a painting and kept me busy in the studio during those last rainy days.


  1. Nice, bold brushstrokes and a lovely sense of light amongst the fleeting clouds. Excellent stuff

  2. England has really big skies! Love the color harmony in these.