Monday, 19 December 2016

Delicatessen counter

I hope you are all feeling festive and getting into the Christmas spirit. This will probably be my last blog post of the year; I just wanted to give you a quick update on my art. 

First, here is my latest painting which shows the delicatessen counter at the Guildhall Market in Bath. I just loved the light from the counter so I gave it a try. 

Delicatessen counter, Guildhall Market  oil on board  10"x14"




On an other note, I have been commissioned to write a series of features about oil painting for the new english magazine "Paint & Draw" and the painting above will be shown with all the steps so keep an eye for this next year if you get hold of a copy.

If you want to start the year with my paintings, then you can get my calendar from my website (desk and wall formats available) alongside other items.Worldwide shipping available. Simply go to my shop here:

For people living near Bath in search of that last minute Christmas present, you are welcome to come and browse my prints and view my paintings in the next few days. Just contact me through my website here:

And finally, a quick note about shows:

Exhibition in Bradford on Avon (UK)
For the fourth year, my artist friends Bob Child, Andrew Taylor and myself are setting up an exhibition at the West Barn in Bradford on Avon (UK). It will be held on 6,7 & 8 October 2017 so you have plenty of time to get prepared and clear your diary! (And I'll hopefully have plenty of time to produce some new paintings!)

Exhibition in Freshford, Bath (UK)
Also, I will be exhibiting some of my work next year from 13 March - 1st May 2017 at the Galleries Shop and Café venue in Freshford, Bath. I'll give more details soon.

I already send you here my best wishes for Christmas and for a year 2017 full of joy and beautiful Art!

Friday, 2 December 2016

A bit of summer in the studio

Here are an other two paintings done in the studio while the baby sleeps... If I'm looking for inspiration and need some good reference photographs, I know I'll always find something inspiring in my sister's Instagram account... She takes the most beautiful pictures of her life in South Africa with her family (have a look here if you're curious: She has three adorable daughters and they make the best models for those pictures. I found two photographs that were begging to be painted, and they brought a little taste of summer back in the studio.

The painting below is Aprilia walking on a sunny path:

Sunny Path  8"x8" oil on board



Here are the step by step pictures for those who like to know more about my technique. As you can see below I work directly from the computer because it is convenient but also because an RGB display screen is generally richer that any printed pictures...

Step 1: I picked a background colour that fits the subject (something warm in this case), then applied a grid like on the reference photograph, then did a basic drawing.

Step 2: Bock out the darkest green and some mid tones

Step 3: Some lighter tones in the greens and work on the path

Step 4: Painting the figure

Step 5: Adding all the highlights and refining some details

Step 6: Stop now! Don't spoilt it! :-)

This second painting depicts Colombine and Aprilia heading to the swimming pool:

The gate to the swimming pool  10"x10"  oil on board



Here is the step by step:

(Note: I'm missing the picture of the basic drawing on step1 because I had left my phone in the baby's room to play the white noise app to get him to sleep! :-))
In this case I used a vivid orange background to convey the feeling of heat across the whole painting.

Step 2: Bock out the darkest greens and some mid tones

Step 3: Work on the figures and the background 

Step 4: Adding some highlights

Step 5: Adding more contrast and defining the shapes of the trees and gates

Step 6: Adding the flowers and final details

These paintings are not for sale as I'm keeping them in the family, but I just wanted to mention I'm available for similar commissions if you have a good inspiring photograph waiting to be painted! All my available paintings are for sale on my website here.

Also, with Christmas approaching, let me remind you that my 2017 calendars (desk and wall formats) are available for sale on my website here, alongside other products such as postcards and giclée prints. Worldwide shipping available.