Friday, 9 March 2018

Flowers in the studio

I have been painting flowers in the studio a lot recently, probably because it's the best thing after painting in plein air when the weather is a bit too cold or damp to venture outside. I tend to pick white flowers because they absorb and reflect so many colours, and I love trying to detect those subtle colour shifts.

I often only have a couple of hours at the time so it forces me to be quick, bold and spontaneous, which is actually what I always aim for. I think it's fair to say that since having children, specially after the second one, my style got more and more spontaneous and bolder, probably reflecting the limited time windows I get to paint. Any more children and surely my paintings would just be a single brushstroke! :-)

Here is below some white roses with the steps as many of you were kind enough to say you enjoyed looking at the progress pictures I've been sharing recently:

White roses  10"x10"  oil on board  SOLD



Steps of the progress of the painting:

Below is a painting of white asters I produced during a tutorial with two lovely ladies in my studio a few weeks ago.

White asters  10"x12"  oil on board
Available here

The set up in the studio (my painting on the right)



I've been painting ranunculus last week so I'll be posting those soon.
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I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

View from the plane in Aberdeen

When I have a couple of hours to paint but can't go outside (because it's raining, or it's the night for example), I like to paint in the studio, often flowers from life, but otherwise I'll browse my photographs gallery for something that inspires me. When painting from photographs, I always try to have fun, keep it spontaneous, and consider it as an exercise to learn something new or develop certain skills. In this case, I picked a picture I took from the plane when landing in Aberdeen a few months ago, and aimed to practice working with abstract shapes and simplifying complex elements.
Here is the result:

View from the plane - landing soon in Aberdeen    10"x8"  oil on board
Available here


For those of you who like to see the steps, here they are below. I first applied a warm ground colour to my panel. I find this helps giving warmth and harmony to the whole painting. I then build up the painting with big shapes going from larger/darker to smaller/lighter.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Below: my set up in the studio

Step 5

Step 6 - the finished painting

I'll finish this post with excitIng news for autumn this year. I'm very thrilled to be part of and co-organising the first major group exhibition of Britain's leading contemporary “Plein Air” artists. 

The show will be called "Capturing the moment"
SAVE THE DATE: 16-20 October 2018 // London - Menier Gallery 
Over 200 paintings for sale by 27 artists including:
Ken Howard RA, Fred Cuming RA, Peter Brown NEAC ROI PS, Trevor Chamberlain ROI RSMA WGA, David Curtis ROI RSMA, Richard Pikesley PNEAC RWS & TV’s Adebanji Alade ROI

Get more info on the website here:

I hope you can make it!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

A little taste of South Africa

On a wet rainy day like today, when I'm looking out for inspiration for something to paint in the studio, all I need to do is check out my sister's instagram account (@poesy_by_sophie) which is full of beautiful photographs taken during her trips and adventures in Africa. A few weeks ago I found a gorgeous picture taken at the Citrusdal farm in South Africa and couldn't resist trying to depict the patches of light with paint. Here is the result below:

A glass of wine in the shade - Waterfall Farm Citrusdal - South Africa  oil on board 10"x10"



I've included below a few steps for those who like to see my process:

The finished painting

I'm saving this painting for a group show that will happen later this year London and which might well be the most exciting event of the year! (well at least for me!). I'll do a post about it very soon but all I can say now is save the date 16-20 October 2018!

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I hope you have a wonderful week!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Guildhall market

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas and New year celebrations. Mine was full of food, kids, joy and tantrums (not me, the kids), travelling, sleeping (not enough though), cups of tea, and lots and lots of chocolate. I have so little self control with it that I ended up buying a safe to lock away the chocolate stash with a combination lock and asked my husband to set up the code and only ration me to one chocolate a day, otherwise I would eat it all up in one go. I know it's stupid but it works! 

Anyway, all this eating prevented me from catching up with the blog. I have many paintings I want to share here, so I'll just start with something I painted last summer: the Guildhall Market in Bath. I set up in a corner behind the luggage shop and tried to capture the magical atmosphere of the place. I had to finish it in the studio as there were too many details to get in just one session:

The Guildhall Market, Bath   10"x12" oil on board
Available here


The scene on the day and couple of progress shots:

You might remember I already painted a scene from the Guildhall Market a few months before. I never got the chance to show you the steps so here they are:

Delicatessen counter, Guildhall Market  10"x14"  oil on board
Available here

The final painting

Also, just wanted to say I have about 10 calendars left (wall and desk) so you can get yours here if you fancy one:   (Or just click on the image). Free shipping in Europe. 

I'll soon do new posts about my latest flowers paintings, studio work, paintings of my daughter, and also will tell you more about the most exciting event of 2018: I'll be a part of a group show of 27 fantastic plein air painters in London 15-20 October 2018... Save the date! Will tell you more about it very soon!