Monday, 29 October 2018

Little review of the British Plein Air Painters London exhibition...

The British Plein Air Painters show 'Capturing the moment' has now come to an end, but it was a great success! Hundreds of visitors, lots of red dots and so many good feedback, thanks all for coming! It had been a over a year of preparation and about a million of emails and whatsaps messages, but it was worth it! Here are pictures of the show. I felt very honoured to be a part of it!

Almost all the exhibiting artists during the private view, left to right:
Chris Robinson, Tim King, Roy Connelly, Tony Dakin,Haidee-Jo Summers,
Michael Richardson, Adebanji Alade, Daisy Sims Hildtich, Valérie Pirlot,
Maria Rose, Mo Teeuw, Andrew Roberts, Johnny Walsom, John Stillman,
Karl Terry, Trevor Chamberlain, David Pilgrim, Benjamin Hope, Adam Ralston,
David Curtis, David Bachmann and Peter Brown

Missing from the picture:
Richard Pikesley, Ken Howard, Fred Cuming, Felicity House and Tom Hughes

Here was the invite to the exhibition:

The set up of the show. We had about 4 hours to hang 240 paintings. Eeeekkkkk

Don't drop this one Tony, it's a Fred Cuming!

Paintings were being delivered in those handy silver art bags, as appealing as hot paninis!

Fantastic location of the Menier Gallery near London Bridge

A preview of the show before we opened to the public

All set up and dressed up for the big night!

Big turnout!

Adebanji giving a great speech

Surrounded by two painting legends:
David Curtis and Trevor Chamberlain

Yeah! I received a beautiful Fred Cuming book!

My mum and sister came all the way from Belgium!

Sales desk busy with red dots!
That's John and I trying really hard not to mess it up!

Us artists like the colour red!!

After the private view many artists gathered for some well deserved food in Borough Market

Here are some of my personal favourite of the show:

Adam Ralston

David Pilgrim

David Curtis

Peter Brown

Richard Pikesley

Mo Teeuw

John Stillman

Maria Rose

Benjamin Hope

Daisy Sims Hilditch

Karl Terry

Benjamin Hope and David Bachmann

Peter Brown

Haidee-Jo Summers

Maria Rose

Chris Robinson

David Pilgrim

Fred Cuming

Richard Pikesley

To promote the show and spread our love of plein air painting, we did organise a couple of public paint out days in London in the weeks prior to the show. Here are some images below. About 150 in total turned up to the events. It was great fun!

Mo Teeuw, myself, Haidee-Jo Summers and Melanie Harrison
at a London paint out in Soho Square

Now the show is over, it's time to catch our breath and also think about the future of the British Plein Air Painters group and plan for our next adventure! Watch this space!

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