Saturday, 26 March 2016

The honeymoon painting

My husband and I got married last year after 10 years together (better late than ever!) and we went to Lake Como for our honeymoon (if it's good enough for George Clooney, it's good enough for us!). I didn't take my painting kit with me as it would have been a bit rude to leave my husband alone on our honeymoon while I'm off painting. However I did take some reference pictures and got around to have a try at this view of Como in my studio last month. So here it is:

Como, Italy in September  10"x10"  oil on board

Here are a couple of close-up of the painting:

Detail 1

Detail 2

I got good feedback from people last time I posted the step by step images of the painting process so I'll try to share them whenever I can:

This painting is available on my website in the Italy folder alongside all my available work.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Looking at the Bath half marathon from Alexandra Park

After a few weeks of hibernation, last week-end was the first time this year I got out to paint in plein air. It was the Bath half marathon so most roads were closed but I knew I could access easily one of my favourite spots in Bath: Alexandra Park. The weather was glorious and the park has panoramic views over Bath so people started gathering to have a glimpse at the start of the race. I could hear all the noises from the race thanks to the sound travelling up. I set up my kit while I heard the countdown to the start and put my first brushstrokes as the runners started to run. I pretended for fun that all the cheering and music was there specially for me to encourage me with the painting!

Looking at the marathon from Alexandra Park 10"x8"  oil on board

And I needed encouragement as this painting had the worst start I can ever recall. I felt I completely forgot how to paint and every brushstroke looked like it was done by a two years old! No, actually kids can produce great work so let's say it looked like it was done by a drunken dog. But I persevered and finally that turning point happened and I can now say this is one of my favourite paintings! So basically, never give up!

Here is a detail of the painting below. I had to paint the people quickly as they didn't stay around for long, so I just suggested them with a couple of brushstrokes.


Here are a few pictures to prove what an amazing view you get in this park:

The painting half way

The finished painting

This painting is for sale on my website alongside all my available work on I can ship worldwide.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Last light on Stall Street, Bath

I've just finished this painting of Stall Street in Bath, produced in my studio while waiting for warmer days to get out. I loved the way the last light of this crisp winter day was hitting the Bath stone buildings.

Last light on Stall Street, Bath  10"x12"  oil on board

A couple of details below:

I have included the step by step below. I used a warm red background as I wanted that warmth to slightly show through the building across the whole painting.

This painting is for sale on my website alongside all my available work.