Monday, 2 April 2012

Life model: Nude2 & Nude3

Here are my two latest life models studies done at the Bath Artist Studio. I really enjoy those  Saturday sessions and we are always blessed with great models.

Nude3   12"x16"    oil on board


Rob and I, lost in the middle of the action (thanks Kev for the picture) 

With beautiful curves, gracious hands and great skin tone, this model was such a treat to paint (nb: models gave their approval to be shown on the blog in a blurry way): 

Here are the four quick poses - 5 minutes sketches I did at the start of the session as a warm up:

Below is the painting I did during the previous session with a different model. A very interesting angle to paint, I found.

Nude2   10"x14"   oil on board

My set up on the day

 I loved the effect of the light on the legs of the model:



  1. Your figures look really great. Do you change your color palette much from your figures to your landscapes?

  2. Valerie...these are great. In particular those little blue highlights which I know only too well are v difficult to pitch correctly. You've got them nailed. I'm glad to see you are using oils in a life drawing class. At my recent sessions at the RA there were no other oil painters and I was considered a bit of an odd ball for doing so!

  3. Thanks Douglas. I tend to always lay out the same colours on my palette regardless the subject, but I would use different combination every time, and leave some colours untouched. Those colours are burnt & raw sienna, burnt & raw umber, naples yellow, cadmium red and yellow, and three blues: ultramarine, cerulean, cobalt.

    Thanks Ian! I love using oils for nude and I've never been much of a sketcher anyway. Most people i the class are using oil too so funny to hear you're the only one at the RA sessions!