Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sydney gardens' bridge in the spring

A few weeks ago, we had here in the UK our first properly beautiful spring weather week-end so I made the most of it and went painting at Sydney gardens looking for an inspiring bridge. I found it and here is what I painted:

Sydney gardens' bridge in the spring   12"x10"   oil on board

What a lovely atmosphere there was with couples and family having a walk and boats boarding and offloading happy crews. 

The painting towards the end

Only little problem: as I was setting up, I realised I forgot the hooks to hold my pochade box open. In a moment of intense ingenuity I decided to use one of my shoe lace to hold it together and it worked pretty well:

Here below is me painting, stuck against the wall trying to take as little space as possible. If you look closely, you'll see:
- my stylish high vis yellow bike jacket that I placed behind me, just in case, to avoid being ran over by some crazy bikers
- my left trainer without its lace

As I was half way through the painting, a little girl silently watched me paint for a good 5 minutes, and then suddenly told to her mum with a lot of excitement "Oh mum, I know, I know!! She is painting the bridge isn't she??" A bit worrying it took her 5 minutes to realise! :-)

I loved the variety of greens in this scenery



Ready to go back home - I discovered my bike basket is pretty handy to transport wet paintings...

Latest update: I've just come back from a painting trip in Dorset so I'll be posting all my paintings very soon.... Watch this space!


  1. Superb!

    Laces, places, painting and photo's, baskets and children, story and blog.

  2. Hi Valerie.
    A lovely painting as usual. And the photos are brilliant. it`s great that you explain what is going on. Your bike, carrier and the little Girl. All great. All the best Valerie.

  3. Thanks René and Vic!! Glad you enjoy my blog!

  4. Are you planning to visit Wexford this year as well?