Sunday, 16 April 2017

The pond at Victoria Park

I've enjoyed working in the new studio on a larger canvas from a photograph I recently took during a walk in Victoria Park (Bath). Most people call it the duck pond, as this is where you feed the ducks bread. They are however remarkably absent from the painting as I suspect they were probably hiding away from my very vocal three years old daughter when I took the photograph! 

The blossom were out, the water reflections stunning, so I really wanted to give it a try. I had great fun doing it, here is the result:

The pond at Victoria Park    18"x22"   oil on canvas
for sale here

I loved depicting the various greens in the scenery:


And the sparkly water reflections:


And the blue sky showing through the leaves:


I love my new studio in the garden and it's good to be able to lock the paintings and paints away from the kids! My cheeky and highly curious daughter would otherwise probably love to paint over my paintings in Pollock's style! 

If you like this painting, well I can tell you it is now available for sale here on my website with worldwide shipping:

If you've ever wondered how I work and build a painting, the whole process of this painting from start to finish will be covered with a step by step in a future issue of Paint & Draw magazine
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I currently write a different feature every month about oil painting. In the current issue that is just out now, I do a tutorial to paint fresh alla prima figures, so if you're interested you can get your copy at WH Smith or online here:

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Painting my garden from the studio

Things have been a bit quiet on the painting front as the new baby arrival last year means I had less free time but also because we turned my studio in the house into a bedroom for my three years old daughter. But I'm now very happy to say I have a brand new studio in the garden! I have to share it with my husband and his drum kit but really, between us, it's mine ;-)  (let's see if he reads this blog!)

I got given a couple of hours of kids' free time on mother's day to paint. The view from the room overlooks the garden and the back of our house. So what better way to use the space than painting the garden from the comfort of the studio. Here is the result below, with my daughter Louisa who posed for me on her bike for a couple of fidgety minutes. 

Louisa in the garden  10"x8" oil on board  - Not for sale



You can see below my set up and the quick drawing I did at the start. The question is, how open the door needs to be to be able to qualify this as 'painting in plein air'!?

This painting is not for sale but you can view all my available paintings on my website here:

Here are a few pictures of the studio for the curious ones... If you are in the area you are welcome to come for a visit!

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For people near Bath, I currently have my paintings displayed in two places:

I currently have a selection of paintings on show at the Galleries Shop & Cafe in Freshford (near Bath). Great cakes and great views over there. (Feshford Lane, BA2 7UR)

I also have some paintings on display at the Chapel Arts Centre cafe in Bath (just below the venue). They make lovely vegetarian food there. (Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR)


The first two features I wrote for the Paint & Draw magazine have been published and the latest issue is out now with my article about how to improve your brushstrokes. I hope you like it! Next one will be a Alla Prima step by step. Click here for more info.


I've had a few enquiries recently about tutorials so I just wanted to confirm that I do give one-on-one tutorials in plein air or in the studio. Mainly in Bath but Belgium is an option too as I'm travelling back regularly. I'm also considering organising a plein air group workshop in Bath this summer so if you're interested do drop me a line here and I'll keep you updated.


I'm available for commissions and you can find more info on my website here: I will be in Belgium during Easter and late July so if you would like to organise a commission I will be available to meet while I'm in the country.

That's it for now. I hope you are enjoying the glorious spring sunshine!