Sunday, 23 January 2011

Summer evening at the Lansdown golfcourse, Bath

Here is a quick study I just finished based on some sketches and photographs I took last summer as I was accompanying my boyfriend during his golf practice. He probably was a bit annoyed I would rather sketch and photograph the landscape than check out his great swing!

Summer evening at the Lansdown golfcourse, Bath   oil on board 10"x8"  


  1. Nice light and sense of distance Valerie. Is that a golf ball nestling in the undergrowth? :o)

  2. Thanks David. No, I didn't mean to paint a golf ball in there but now you make me wish I did as it sounds like a good idea! :-) Hope you're ready for the painting session on Sunday... I'm waiting for my easel from US which should arrive just on time hopefully!

  3. Thanks Banji! I'm glad I managed to convey the mood of the moment...