Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Avon, Bath on a sunny winter day

Last Saturday I went painting just a short walk from my flat alongside the Avon. It was a beautiful sunny day and the opportunity to try for the first time my new pochade box which I ordered specially from the USA (I'm such a nerd aren't I).

The Avon, Bath on a  sunny winter day    oil on board   14"x10"

As I was painting, a kid passing by told me (with a strong local accent) "you shouldn't paint the bridge, it's a horrible bridge." I'm afraid I didn't follow his advice and did find it rather interesting to paint and was pleased to include it in the painting!


  1. Really nice piece Valerie. The pochade kit looks excellent!

  2. Je suis vraiment en admiration devant ce que vous faites, chère Valérie. Continuez à nous enchanter. Merci pour votre blog. Bien à vous. Christine

  3. I LOVED Bath and thought the bridge was majestic. I would love to be painting there!! Your plein air work is execellent.

  4. Valerie,
    I went back and looked at your past works. I love them, really. I like how you show the photograph and the painting. You do an amazing job of editing out what isn't important and keeping what makes a great painting. I signed up to follow your blog and look forward to looking again at your older works and seeing your new ones.