Monday, 27 December 2010

My little studio...

I haven't had much time to do more paintings lately (too busy eating turkey, unwrapping presents, watching "The sound of Music" or finishing the Quality Street chocolate box) so I though I'll do a quick post about my studio in my home in Bath.

Here is below my small but very much loved painting studio. 

I tend to fill every inch of the wall with paintings or references I printed for inspiration.

Below is what I call "my organised mess". On the wall, amongst Renoir, Klimt, Seago and Degas's masterpieces the everlasting romantic in me couldn't resist sticking a picture of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh's legendary kiss!

Below is a close up of my painting palette. For colour harmony purposes I use quite a restricted range of colours which includes mainly Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt & Raw Umber, Burnt & Raw Sienna, Cadmium red, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue and Titanium White.

When I paint, I love to get a bit messy and get my fingers full of paint so I wear this smock shown below to protect my clothes and also use it to wipe my brushes. It does look a bit cliché but does the job!


  1. Trop sympa de voir ton micro-atelier! On peut dire que tu as utiliser l'espace au maximum!!! J'adore la photo de ta palette, un tableau en-soi!

  2. Merci Sophie! Si tu veux je peux te la faire encadrer la palette?;)

  3. what a fabulous studio and I must tell you that in my only visit to the UK we ended up in Bath on a drive and I was most enchanted by the beauty of that city. I hadn't brought my paints and could only take photos, but everything was a painting. I particularly like the bridge/aquaduct.
    How lucky you are to live there!

  4. C'est vrai que les photos du studio sont déjà des œuvres en soi: ambiance feutrée et sereine, belles couleurs, tout ce qu'il faut dans un espace confiné certes mais agréable. C'est véritablement l'antre de l'artiste!

  5. Great studio, Valérie! I wish mine was that well organised.

  6. What a nice looking studio. Yes, agreeing with Roy. Keeping organised is always the challenge. Something to do with one side of the brain doing the organisiing and the other side, losing track of time and doing the drawing/painting. (or something like that!)If anyone knows more about that theory please explain.

  7. Thanks Andrew. I'm not sure where you got the idea my studio is organised but I know what you mean about losing track of time. Never heard of that brain story though but sounds very interesting! (anything to do with "drawing with the right side of the brain" book?)