Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Bath Artists Studio on a Saturday afternoon

Once a month the Bath Painting group which I belong to meets at the Bath Artists Studio for a still life or a model session. Here is what I painted on last Saturday's session:

The Bath Artists Studio on a Saturday afternoon    oil on board   12"x10"

I'm usually as close as possible to the still life set up but this time I decided to go right to the back of the room and paint people painting. What got my attention was the bright light pouring through the windows (does make you wonder what on earth you are doing inside a dark room on such a beautiful day!) and the bright orange sheet. I must admit this is my very first painting of an inside scene - ever! So far I've only sticked to landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and still life. I'm looking forward to painting more of these.

Here is the view I had from my chair

That's me in the corner looking cold and a bit antisocial!

For those who wonder what is the blue weird looking object at the centre of the table in the middle of my painting, well it is indeed a weird looking thing:

You understand now why I had to take some distance to such a beautiful doll and decided to paint from the other side of the room!


  1. Super! C'est chouette d'essayer de nouvelles choses... Et vu le monstre bleu à un œil que tu étais censée peindre, tu as bien fait de changer de sujet ;-)

  2. Rrrrooo Valérie! Je te reconnais bien là! Emmitouflée et craignant que quelqu'un n'envahisse ton espace vital!

  3. I really like this one Valerie. Interesting linear composition and you've handled the close values/colours very well indeed. Even more impressive if it's your first interior. You should definitely do some more!

  4. Wow, you really took a subject that as a still life would not hold much interest for me and created an amazing painting. This is such an intersting painting, I really like it.