Friday, 29 April 2011

My garden in the spring

Here is a quick post while watching the Royal Wedding...
I have just finished a couple of paintings of my garden which I'm madly in love with. For those who remembered I did a painting of my garden in the snow a few months ago and decided now to cover all seasons...

My garden in spring after the rain     oil on board 12"x10"

This one was done in the late afternoon from my living room window. There had been some heavy rain all day and suddenly the sun came out and warmed up all this luxurious greens.

view from the window

I didn't tell my boyfriend I dropped some paint on the carpet
but since I managed to clean it up and I'm pretty sure he doesn't read
my blog he will never know!
My garden in the snow - The painting I did last winter

Here is an other one I did last week end as I just came back from a week end away. It was sunny but a bit misty and I couldn't resist the shades of purple in the distant hills.

My garden in spring in the afternoon   oil on board  7"x5"
This time I set up on the garden table

I take the opportunity of this post to inform you of two upcoming events if you happen to be in Bath:

There is a show starting today at The Octagon in Bath called "inspired" which I will have some work at and which also features talented artists such as Adebanji Alade, David Pilgrim and Shane Feeney to name a few. It will be on until May 11. More info here.

I was pleased to see my work on the invite and the Bath Magazine insert:

I will also be a part of the Newbridge Arts Trail which will be on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of May. Come and say hello if you're around. More info here.

Last but not least, I urge anyone who hasn't seen it yet to go and admire Peter Brown's work at the Victoria Art Gallery. Absolutely beautiful. More info here.

This afternoon I'm off to Paris to paint for a few days. I will hopefully come back with plenty of paintings to post on my blog...

Now back to the Royal wedding...


  1. Beautiful painting and a beautiful garden view.I'm proud of my garden too but I don't have a great view like you. I live in the city now but hope to get a bit further out to the country again, I really like that better. (I wouldn't worry about the paint, so many great products take the paint right out.Paint on everything is just part of being an artist anyway.) Enjoy the wedding and Paris! I'm looking forward to seeing your new paintings!

  2. Waaooooooouwwww, j'adore "My garden in spring in the afternoon" !!!!!!! Trop beau!
    Enjoy Paris ;-)


  3. Enjoyed seeing these paintings and also good to see the associated pictures and garden table set up. It's been a great time to do garden paintings with this sunny spring weather. (I did one as well last week).
    Have a fab break in Paris and hope you get the time to do some plein air there too.

  4. Very nice Valerie. You have a splendid view to enjoy at home! Your painting of Cleveland place looks really good in the article. I'm sure it will get snapped up!

  5. The shimmering quality of your light in your spring garden is glorious.