Monday, 19 September 2011

Builders at lunchtime, Bond Street, Bath

Here is an other painting of Bath I've just entered for the Bath Prize competition. Done from a photograph I took at lunchtime a few weeks ago. It was a bright hot summer day and those builders with a flashy vest really caught my eye (it sounds a bit wrong said like that...).

Builders at lunchtime, Bond Street, Bath    10"x12"    oil on board


I just loved the contrast between the dark walls on the left and the stone bathed in light on the right. The orange vests add some spice and movement to the scene.

Preliminary sketch

Although this was painted in my studio, I used the same technique as I would if this was painted outside and tried to keep it fresh and spontaneous and use bold brushstrokes.

The reference photograph

The Bath Prize initial judging will be finished by end of September so I do hope I'll have a few of my paintings accepted. Fingers crossed.


  1. No doubt where your center of interest is in this one. I really like the contrast between the bright orange of the workers vests and the subdued colors of the buildings.Wish you the very best of luck in this show. Your work has such a pleasing quality to it.

  2. Nice piece, I like how you have handled it and the way the composition leads ones eyes straight to the sunlit buildings. I'm still trying to recover from 5 days of painting in Bath last week:(

  3. Valerie, you have exceeded yourself here with this painting, it`s brilliant. I absolutely love the figures. They are powerfully painted. You can see what they are about. I remember years ago, I was in Colchester visiting an axhibition, I saw a painting there that I fell in love with, the figures were brilliantly done as you have with yours. Fantastic. All the best Valerie.

  4. Thanks Douglas! You're always a great supporter of my work and I'm glad this one didn't disappoint!

    Thanks Adebanji, great compliment coming from you. Can't wait to see your post on your Bath work and your Bath Prize entries. Did you bump into anybody? I saw many painters in Bath last week.

    Thanks Victor for your lovely comment! I must admit I'm pretty pleased with this one too so I'm glad it's not just me. Glad it brings back nice memories too.