Sunday, 18 December 2011

Life Model - Pregnant woman

A couple of weeks ago I went to a life model painting session organised by the Bath Painting group. The model was a beautiful pregnant woman and it was a wonderful subject to paint:

Nude- pregnant woman   12"x16"  oil on board

I really enjoyed painting this one. I don't often get the chance to paint life models so it was a real treat.  


Here is picture of the model. Although she gave me the permission to photograph her I blurred the picture anyway for privacy reasons but wanted to show the beautiful light effect on her skin:

Below is my setting on the day. I managed to find a good spot close to the model. I used my pochade box as a palette which was really handy so I didn't have to clean it on the day and could keep using my colours back home on an other painting.


  1. I recognize the colors and even though it is a different subject for you it is clearly a Pirlot. I think that is really an important step towards great success, having work that is recognizable as your own. You have achieved that. No matter what you paint, you paint it well and it looks like your work.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year of art success.

  2. Great painting Valerie! Nice handling and drawing with paint. You should certainly paint more figures as you're clearly have an aptitude for need for lugging kit around either :o)

  3. Wonderful skin tones Valerie. Great painting.
    I also like the cloth that the model is posing on. Well done. Have a nice Christmas my friend.
    All the best.

  4. Thanks Douglas, that is a lovely compliment! I'm glad you think I have a unique style - I don't think too much about it when I paint but I do wonder sometimes if what I do is brand new or has been done before - so it's nice to hear my work is recognisable.

    Thanks David, I did indeed "draw with paint" as I probably only spent 2 mins in the original drawing and then went straight with the paint as this is the part I enjoy the most.

    Thanks Victor for your kind words.

    A Merry Xmas to you all and a great painting year in 2012.

  5. Valerie
    This is a lovely painting. The composition and skin colours are fab. The quite sharp edges on her right arm draw ones attention to this area of the painting, and consequently the face. Looking at the photo, the 'bump' is quite pronounced and in some ways the most interesting aspect of the painting, but not so pronounced in you picture. Was this swop of the 'areas of interest' deliberate, or were you just concentrating so hard that it came out that way almost by accident? Excellent, well done.

  6. Thanks Dear Valerie for addiding, I also insert your blog into my blog.
    Best Regards
    Ara Hakobyan

  7. Thanks Ian! You really are spot on about the fact that I indeed used on purpose more paint and details around the arm/face to contrast with a looser body, and you are also spot on about the fact that my drawing is not really correct and she does look a bit more pregnant in real - it wasn't on purpose but I think I got so lost in skin tones and light effect and didn't worry too much about getting all the shapes accurate. You don't miss anything do you??