Friday, 12 September 2014

Commission for an allotment

Here are a few more allotment paintings done for a commission for a lady that owns a plot in Bath. Someone recently asked me what an allotment is. It's quite common in the UK; it's a wide communal space divided into private sections (plots) that people can rent on a yearly basis to grow their fruits, vegetable and flowers.

The paintings below are all of the same plot, just from a different angle and time of day. I really enjoyed doing these. I'm meeting the client next week. I hope she likes them!

This one below was done in afternoon. I liked the turquoise corrugated shed against the striking Bath views.

Monksdale road allotments 14c2 in the afternoon  10"x10"  oil on board


This one was done in the evening. I liked the soft warm evening light.

Monksdale road allotments 14c2 in the evening  16"x9" oil on board


And this one was done in the morning crisp light. Contrast were strong and shadows and edges were sharp and clean. I think this is my favourite one.

Monksdale road allotments 14c2 in the afternoon  10"x7" oil on board


After 30 minutes 

Half way through

The final result