Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Day out painting in Bradford-on-Avon

I have lived in Bath for almost 10 years and yet I had never got around to go and paint in the lovely town of Bradford-on-Avon... until last month. People call it the "mini Bath"because it is as pretty and vibrant, but on a smaller scale. Obviously, I don't mean this is a little hobbit town with miniature cars, houses and people, although actually the streets are so narrow that they are probably better suited for elves and horses than 4x4 and family cars...

For my first painting I decided to paint the famous Old Town Bridge. The oldest parts of it date from the 13th Century. The tower I have painted here was known as a 'blind house' and was a lock up for the drunk and disorderly in the 17th Century. If those walls could talk!

The Old Town Bridge, Bradford-on-Avon  12"x10"  oil on board

I loved the autumn colours of the leaves reflecting in the water and the sun shining on the warm stone.


I set up at the back of a café to get the best view of the bridge. I know, any excuse for a slice of cake really.

My painting towards the end


For my second painting of the day, I wanted to get some street action and this scaffolding in the sunlight in Silver Street caught my eye. I loved how the buildings shadow naturally breaks the painting in two areas (light and dark) and I liked the rhythm of the curved street. The lady in red walking her dog was the perfect final touch to lead the viewer into the painting.

Scaffoldings on Silver street, Bradford-on-Avon  12"x10"  oil on board

For this one I ran out of time as the light was moving quickly so I had to finish it at home and add the details in the studio.

The set up wasn't easy because the pavement was rather narrow, and I tend to spread all my stuff everywhere, in a true artistic messy style. So I had to behave myself, stay close to the wall and prays nobody trips on my tripod and sue me for dangerous set up! Thankfully, I only received good reactions. I even got offered a cup of tea by the lovely Estate Agent people, which seems rather nice since I was restricting the access to their window and greeting any approaching client with the threat to be covered in paint!


I'm hoping to paint again in Bradford-on-Avon soon and I'm already looking forward to our joint show with two fellow artists (Bob Child and Andrew Taylor) at the Tithe Barn on 2-3-4 May 2015. Save the date! More info to follow soon on this blog.

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