Friday, 29 May 2015

The forgotten painting (Sydney Gardens)

I did this painting in Sydney Gardens in Bath over a year ago, came back home, packed it away, and then completely forgot about it! I only found it by chance a few weeks ago, and it's like seeing again your forgotten little friend, so it is now getting the blog post it deserves!

Light and reflections, Sydney Gardens  12"x10"  oil on board

I have painted this spot several times but it is always a different experience. I called this painting "light and reflections" because this is what it's all about. I kept the brush strokes loose because I wanted to render the wild foliage with energy and spontaneity. 

My set up on the day



I have started a series of mini oil sketches and really enjoying the process so watch this space as I'll post some of them soon...

You can purchase this painting with the link below or contact me by email at if any questions

Light and reflections, Sydney Gardens 10"x12" (30.5x25.4cm) oil

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