Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Children playing on the beach, Mill Bay, Devon

I have just finished a commission for a friend who has two gorgeous twin boys born the same week as my daughter Louisa (going through labour together does create a bond!). She wanted to give her parents a painting of the boys and her niece as a surprise for their anniversary so she commissioned me for this piece. It is done after a photograph she took while they were on a family day out in Devon. I do like to work from life, but in this case I'm glad it was from a photograph as these boys are constantly on the move and certainly wouldn't have quietly posed for me! I'm reather pleased with the result and I they were thrilled with it. 

Playing on the beach, Mill Bay, Devon   16"x9"  oil on board

Here are below a few steps of the process:

Quick drawing of the basic shapes done in oil

I filled most of the canvas with blocks of colours

Worked a bit more on the background and the children's faces

Adding the last details

The finished painting

I loved the position of the kids. It looked to me that the girl (Bea) was clearly in charge and telling the boys (Finbar and Dexter) what to do! Not sure what's in the bucket but it is obviously a matter of great importance!





On an other note, I take this opportunity to let you know I currently have some work on display at a lovely new gallery in Bath called Imagianation. It is situated on Terrace Walk in Bath (Bog Island) so do stop by next time you are in Bath as it has a lovely collection of work there - and I'm not just saying this because my work is there:-). Click here to view their website. 

Can you spot my paintings?

Finally, for those who haven't seen my previous post, my new calendars 2016 are ready for orders, alongside prints and postcards so click here to visit my shop page for more info.

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