Sunday, 11 June 2017

Portugal Day 3

Better late than ever, here is the second part of my recent Portugal painting trip which includes paintings of Lagos and a painting of the beautiful fish supper we had one evening.

Here is below the view over Lagos that coud be seen from the car park. Most of my artist friends went to explore the nearby beach to find the best painting spot, but I was happy staying right there, because I found the view inspiring and wanted a change from the beach and the rocks. (or maybe I was just too lazy to walk, that is a strong possibility too)

Lagos  10"x8"  oil on board
Available for sale here


Here are a few steps

quick drawing

Blocking the colours in

Adding finishing touches

When I finished the painting, I had time for an other quick one before lunch, so decided to simply turn my easel around (now I do sound really lazy!) and paint the view towards the beach. Here is the result. 

Lagos cove   7"x10"  oil on board
Available for sale here


A few steps:
Simple drawing

Blocking the colours in

Towards the end

Afterwards, we all stopped for lunch. I never share pictures of food as it's pretty boring, but this was the best prawn pasta ever!

From left to right: Tony Dakin, David Pilgrim, Karl Terry, John Stillman, Andrew Roberts,
David Bachmann, Mo Teeuw, Haidee Jo Summers, myself and Tim King

After lunch I went to paint in Lagos centre but after an hour battling with my brushes, I ended up wiping my disastrous attempt to paint a busy street. There was only 45 minutes before we had to head home and I did a quick little 5"x7" painting of the view towards the marina. Very simple but I quite like it.

Lagos, looking towards the marina  7"x5"  oil on board (SOLD)

Can't get much smaller than this!

Finally, back home, our lovely cook was preparing some beautiful fish. Haidee, Mo, Karl and I couldn't resist doing a quick painting of it. The poor cook just wanted to put it in the oven, and we kept saying "just five more minutes please"! We ate a bit later than usual that night but had a great time painting these. 

Fish at Cama da Vaca  10"x8"  oil on board (SOLD)


Haidee, Mo and I painting the fish dish (on the coffee table)

That's it for day three. I'll soon post the paintings of the last day of the trip. 

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