Monday, 30 May 2011

Cornwall trip - Part 2

Here are 3 more beach paintings from the Cornwall trip (see last week's post for the 3 first paintings). The first one below was done at St Michael's mount on Marazion beach in the morning. Funnily enough I saw (and painted) the Mont St Michel in France a few months ago so it was interesting to see the english version of it.

St Micheals Mount, Marazion beach    6"x8" oil on board

I decided to go for a small board to be able to work quickly and keep it spontaneous

I love my pochade box (guerilla) as it allows you to work on all sizes of boards

Tim King did a lovely painting of the same view next to me

Tim and I then joined the rest of the group which was doing a painting of the beach so we decided to join in and tackle the same scene.

Marazion beach   7"x10"  oil on board

The light kept changing but I tried to capture a bit of the sunlight when it came out

from left to right: Tim King, me, David Bachmann and Michael Richardson 

Everybody working hard (apart from Tim having a snack)

The painting below is the dunes at Carbis Bay. As we arrived we were walking towards the beach and the stroke of light between the dunes caught my eyes. David and Tim carried on walking to get to the beach but I decided to stop there and paint this. I had a really good time painting it (well, apart from the rain and my palette falling in the sand) but wasn't really happy with the result so I decided to start it again on the studio today based on my painting but trying to avoid making the same mistakes. Here it is:

Dunes at Carbis Bay   10"x8"  oil on board

The original painting at the beginning of the session (just before my palette fell in the sand!)

David Pilgrim and Tim were doing a scene on the beach a few meters away

I really felt inspired by that place and would have loved to stay there all day to paint those dunes but I suddenly felt really tired after it and went back to the car to have a quick nap instead. I really hope I can go back there again one day to do more paintings.

To be continued...


  1. This looks like a great trip. I'm participating in a paintout in a neat little town near here called Paint Historic Waxahachie. But it sure does not compare to what you have been seeing and painting. In fact I don't think we have any buidings over 150 years old in all of northwest Texas.

  2. J'adooore !!!! Surtou, "Marazion beach". Bravo, c'est magnifique! Sophie

  3. Great post Valerie. Lovely paintings, I think the one of St Michael's is top drawer. I sensed it was a real winner when you showed it on location. Well composed with sensitive paint handling and a nice harmony of colours! You caught that scudding light at Marazion very nicely. As you know, we all painted from pretty much the same spot so it'll be interesting to see how each one ended up :o)

  4. Great work Valerie! One can feel you really got into the creative flow and did some serious painting there. I particularly like Sennen early afternoon, St Michael’s mount, Marizon (looks positively tropical), Carbis dunes … but you have done so many. Also great story board of images relating the sense of comradely adventure.