Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cornwall trip - Part 3

Here are my last three paintings from the Cornwall trip. The one below is a nice spot we discovered near Botallack. What caught our attention was the arch in the rock, the type of scene many impressionists like Monet and Sisley painted before.

Natural Arch near Botallack Head    10"x8"  oil on board

That's me setting up and putting some suncream on - you can never be too careful

My painting at the end of the session

David Pilgrim was painting the same scene just above me
(surely it has to be so he can steal a trick or two from my painting;) )

The one below was my very first painting of the trip. I just arrived from the train station and did that little painting on Sennen beach close to our accommodation. The reflection of the light on the sand was really blinding and I was struggling to see anything (the thought of putting my sunglasses on even crossed my mind but then I knew that you be the most outrageous thing a painter could do - so I refrained myself)

Sennen Beach, early aftertoon   10"x14"  oil on board

A lady that walked pass me told me that from the distance, she thought I was setting up a barbecue! - I was sorry to tell her that I didn't have any burgers for her;)

My stool gradually went deeper and deeper in the sand!

The last painting below was done close to the accommodation on the way down to Sennen beach. It was a beautiful sunset and was a real race against time to catch it before it disappeared. What caught my eye was the swirling road leading to the shiny beautiful water.

On the way down to Sennen beach, sunset   10"x8"  oil on board


  1. Beautiful paintings, exactly what I expected from you. I have truly enjoyed this trip through David's and your blogs. I;m looking forward to whatever comes next.

  2. These are great Valerie. Despite sinking in the sand, contending with the glare and brushing off obscure queries about BBQs you came up with a lovely piece! You really caught the blustery atmosphere of the moment. Spot on, takes me right back there.

    I know you like those S shaped compositions :o) That winding track takes you into the distant glowing atmosphere very nicely. All the elements of a classic 'Pirlot' are there! Glad you didn't resort to sunglasses....who knows what would have resulted. I hope that was at least factor 20 you were using too.

  3. Nice work, Valerie! Looking forward to the next trip.

  4. Thanks David and Roy! I can't wait to go on an other trip too. I think we should start planning it now!