Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pulteney Bridge, sunshine between the clouds

I've just finished a little painting of Pulteney Bridge in Bath for a commission. I gave it to the lady a couple of days ago and she was very happy with it which is always a relief;)

Pulteney Bridge, sunshine between the clouds    oil on board  10"x8" 

I got the frame from the Meltone Gallery in Bath which is for me the best place for frames.

Still in the Bath topic, I'm very glad to announce that I got a painting selected for the Bath Society of Artists 106th Annual Exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery.  As a non member you never know if you will get in or not so it was a nice surprise to see my application form with the so exciting "selected" stamp on it. Also, it kind of makes up for the parking ticket I got as I was queuing to drop my painting!

The painting that got accepted is the one below which was painted on location just a short walk from where I live alongside the river Avon. (see my post on the 4th of April)

Reflections on the river, Bath    oil on board   12"x10"

They have some great work there so I would recommend it for anybody visiting Bath.

The show on the preview night on Friday - it was packed!

Me below my painting (middle top) -
it was hard to get both on the same shot as it is placed pretty high!
- not complaining though;)


  1. Congrats Valerie! You must be proud of yourself.

  2. Love your reflections in the bridge painting. Wonderful piece. I'm not surprised the buyer was pleased with it. Congrats on the show.

  3. Thanks Violetta and Susan! As we all know the artistic path is full of self doubt so a happy client and a painting selected in a show is indeed a welcome little boost of confidence!

  4. I love the sky in both, but especially the top one. The darks are great. As always you are a master of painting architecture.
    Congrats on the commission. No surprise that she loved it.
    Congratulations also on the show, I can't even imagine a 106th annual show. Wow.
    Wishing you continued success,

  5. ... that's a lovely sense of light you rendered in the Poutney Bridge painting.
    Also well done for getting in the show.

  6. I love Reflections on the river, Bath. It's very mysterious and haunting. A beautiful and expressive piece.