Friday, 21 October 2011

The Bath Prize preview night

I spent a great evening yesterday at the Bath Prize exhibition preview at the Octagon in Bath.
Here are the paintings I have on show:

Builders at lunchtime, Bond Street, Bath - 12”x10”

The Theatre Royal, Bath, Summer evening - 12”x20”

Boats on the Avon, Summer evening - 12”x10”

Reflections on the river, Bath - 12”x10”

The Guildhall, Bath, summer afternoon - 12”x12”

The Bath Artists Studio on a Saturday afternoon - 12”x10”

Although I didn't win an actual prize,  I was very glad to find out one of my painting (Builders at lunchtime) got the "Highly commended" mention! Great surprise!

Two of my paintings

Bring it on!

That's me (with a weird shadow on my face!)  with the painter Andrew Taylor 

 I was very pleased too with the way my paintings were displayed:


Plenty of people turned up

It was a great opportunity to meet other artists. I was very glad I managed to have a little chat with the amazing painter Peter Brown who was one of the judges. Andrew and I also got caught up a in big conversation with talented Watercolourist Bob Child only to realise we were the last people in the room!

Right at the end of the evening before we got kicked out!

The show is on at the Octagon, Bath until the 27th of October and all the paintings are for sale by auction (click here to access the page) finishing on the Friday 28th at 7pm. (click here for more details)


  1. A very nice show. I looked at all the paintings. It is really neat to see how so many artists painted similar subjects and the same area. Your work really shines in it and is among the very best. Well done! Let me know how the sales go.

  2. Congratulations, Valerie!! You deserve to be proud!!

  3. Well done Valerie, you put a lot of effort in and it was rewarded. I think the judges made a good decision, the builders painting is imaginative and well executed... in my view ;-)

  4. Hi Valerie, yes it was a good evening and I enjoyed rounding it off with some 'painterly shop talk' with you and Bob. I chuckled at your photo of the last two people before the 'Defenestration':-) Congrats done with your 'Highly commended' accolade. I popped in on Saturday and your notice had fallen to the floor so I set it back up, if you go in take some blue tack to secure it.