Monday, 24 October 2011

Mackinac Island, Michigan

A few days ago, a friend of mine on Facebook posted his latest holiday pictures of Mackinac Island in Michigan, US. I've never been there and certainly have never painted there but I found his photographs beautiful and couldn't help asking him the permission to use them for painting studies. So here it is:

Mackinac Island, Michigan    12"x10"    oil on board

I love painting outside in plein air but I also love just losing track of time in my little studio, forgetting everything and just having fun with the first painting idea that comes to my mind - and this is exactly what this sort of painting is about.

The reference photograph © Keonne Rodriguez

Here is the painting in progress
with my computer showing the reference photograph


  1. A very nice painting. I've never been to Michigan either, it looks interesting. That is an unusual sky and you handled it nery well.
    I always enjoy seeing all your paintings in your studio.

  2. Hi Valerie.
    Ditto to what Douglas above said about your painting. I think you have done a brilliant job hare. It`s amazing how you have depicted the Landscape Valerie. And I prefer your Sky to the photograph, well done again. All the best Valerie.

  3. Thanks Douglas. It is an unusual sky indeed but I wanted to give it a try and have some fun. Glad you like the studio pics, they'll probably be more of them in the next few months now the days are getting shorter and it's not always easy to catch the light outside.

    Thanks Victor for your lovely comment. You're always so nice that I wonder if you would dare telling me my painting is awful should I post a bad one;) Hope you well and enjoying painting. All the best. Valérie

  4. Valerie, No way would I say one of your paintings is nice if I thought it wasn`t. The thing is that you always produce very good paintings. I love your style of painting. It`s the way I would love to paint myself. I haven`t seen any of your paintings that I haven`t wanted to comment. They are all great paintings. All the best my friend.