Saturday, 5 November 2011

Landscape in Herefordshire, October sunset

A couple of weeks ago my mum came from Belgium to visit me and we spent a few days together in Herefordshire to visit gardens and enjoy the cider festival (she is a garden and tourism journalist for various belgian magazines). I took my painting kit and managed to squeeze a little study one evening before we headed back to the hotel.

Landscape in Herefordshire, October sunset   10"x7"  oil on board

I was amazed by the beauty of the countryside there, which is very different to the landscapes around Bath.


What caught my eye was the highlights and gradients of blue in the distant hills, and the touches of light in the foreground.

No, this is not my third hand taking the picture but my mum
who couldn't help covering this exclusive painting event like the good reporter she is!

That's me in the middle of the action

I took tons of photographs there which will make great painting material so that'll probably keep me busy in winter days...


  1. This does look like a very beautiful spot. You really captured it when the light was just right. Sometimes everything comes together to make a great painting. It sounds like you and your mom had a great trip. I'm not surprised she is a journalist who writes about gardens. Your grandmother's garden is amazing. I'd love to see more photos of it some time.

  2. Thanks Shirley and Douglas! The light was great indeed but I couldn't paint for more than 40 minutes as the sun was coming down. I'll try to find some pictures of the garden for you Douglas. Hope you're well.