Sunday, 27 November 2011

Boats near Widcombe, Bath, November afternoon

Last Sunday I finally got a chance to try my brand new homemade pochade box as I went painting alongside the canal in Bath. It was chilly and grey but the winter afternoon light managed to show through the mist.

Boats near Widcombe, Bath, November afternoon    8"x10"   oil on board

My pochade box did pass the test and was just perfect. Lovin' it!

As I was finishing the painting, talented painter Bo Hilton - which I recently met at his new gallery Hilton Fine Arts - came to say hello. He made a few comments on my work and as he didn't have the time to do a full painting himself I invited him to do just a few brushstrokes on mine to see what he would improve - it was only a couple of brushstrokes but still a very interesting experience.

The picture at the end of the session


As I was painting I thought a couple of time that this was a typical "Peter Brown" painting spot so it was a funny coincidence we bumped into him as we were about to leave. Obviously a hot spot for painters! I'll certainly be back...


  1. Very beautiful painting!

  2. Beautiful painting and lovely story. Other painters are a joy to be around.

  3. Nice job Valerie! I would love to paint that scenery. You captured the water very nicely!

  4. I like it very much Valerie. Your usual brilliant style, well done amd all the best.

  5. Thank you Antonio, Sheri, Scott and Victor for your lovely comments, very much appreciated!

  6. That's a beautiful impression of winter light Valérie - very inspiring!

  7. What interesting scenery you have to paint and I love how you paint it! I think the reflections in the water are handled very well. You did a super job capturing the mood and the light.

  8. Thanks Haidee-Jo and Doug! I'm very lucky to live in Bath as it's full of inspiring spots, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! :-)