Sunday, 26 February 2012

Widcombe before the rain, January

Here is a small one I painted in January. In fact it was actually my first painting of the year. I was a bit worried I forgot how to paint as I hadn't done any painting during the Xmas break (eating chocolate and watching TV somehow got in the way) so I decided to take it easy and cowardly went for the smallest canvas size I could find - 5"x7" (any smaller and I would qualify for a postage stamp design competition). Here is the result:

Widcombe before the rain, January    5'x7"   oil on board 

It was a grey cold and wet day in January and I went painting with fellow painter Bo Hilton but naturally I arrived late - he was already at an advanced stage in his painting so I made my mission to get up to speed and finish mine before him :-)

Bo painting dangerously close to the water...

Here is the painting half way though. The board was actually too small to stand on the hook so I had to put some brushes at the back to make it more stable:

My painting towards the end:

You're probably thinking you've seen this painting before. Well, I have done the exact same view in similar weather a few months ago. Click here to see my previous post.


  1. Lovely colourful!

    But what about that little house on the right, it's just awesome together with those old trees and smalboats, .... you guys (and girls) are so lucky with those old country scenes!

  2. You so masterfully simplified the shapes and colors of this painting. I would see all of that information and hardly know where to start.

  3. Thanks René! Glad you like it. I know I'm very lucky to live here, endless supply of painting subjects!

    Thanks Doug! I think the small format really help when it comes to simplifying and keeping it a bit abstract. I don't think I would have painted the same way if I had gone for a bigger canvas so I would recommend it if you want to keep it simple.

  4. No worries with this small painting Valerie. You have done a great job here. All the best Valerie.

  5. This is a very charming painting Valerie. It works really well. Well done indeed!

  6. Thanks for showing me a little part of your world. Very beautiful work. Love the atmosphere you have painted

  7. Thanks David! Glad you like my "first painting of the year", I hope it's a good sign for the rest of the year:-)

    Thanks Suzanne for your lovely comment. Very much appreciated.