Monday, 13 February 2012

Landscape in Herefordshire, October morning

Here is a studio piece I just finished based on some pictures during my trip with my mother in Herefordshire last autumn. I managed to do a quick study not far from there during my stay (see previous post here) but also took a lot of pictures to work with in the studio.

Landscape in Herefordshire, October morning   12"x10"   oil on board

When people are asked what is their mental "happy place", some might answer an amazing sunset on the beach, the snow on the mountains, or a luxury spa retreat. Well mine just involves some trees, a view and peaceful sheep wondering around. I'm pretty low maintenance I think :-)


Here is one of the reference photograph:

There are a few other paintings I'd like to work on from my Herefordshire photographs so watch this space...


  1. Nice one Valerie. It would be my happy place also.
    All the best Valerie.

  2. Thanks Vic! Hope you're well. All the best.

  3. Beautiful color and I love the sheep. Just enough to detail to make them read as sheep.

  4. Thanks Douglas! Glad you like it as I know you are the animal expert :-)