Sunday, 19 February 2012

On the way up to the Cliff Top, Cheddar

As I'm wrapped up in blankets with the heating on maximum, here is a reminder of the hot and sunny summer days that seem so far away. This is a painting of a path to the cliff top in Cheddar. I went painting there last summer with the Plein Air Society (click here to view my previous post) and took a few photographs of the views I didn't have the time to paint on the day - I just finished this one in the studio. 

On the way up to the Cliff Top, Cheddar    oil on board   10"x8"

This is slightly different to my usual style, probably because this sunny day view offered very strong contrasts which I don't always I have the chance to experiment with on the usual misty - grey english weather...


Here is below the reference photograph. I love compositions that invite to viewer to wander in the painting so I hope I managed to achieve this. I love the variety of greens in here and I remember the heat and the scorching sunshine just by looking at this.


  1. Hi Valerie.
    It is a gorgeous painting. I would have recognized it as one of yours even if it wasn`t on your blog. You have a distinctive style. All the best Valerie.

  2. Very nice, it does have a bit of a different feel to most of your work, but a nice complement. I recognize your handleing of the paint but it seems like I see darker darks and stronger purer colors. We have more of that sort of weather over here. Its been mostly really nice the last few weeks although its managed to be cooler on the weekends, but all in all lots of opportunities to get out and paint and sculpt.

  3. Thanks Vic and Douglas for the lovely comments as usual. You are right Douglas, the darks are darker and the lights lighter in this painting. I bet you do get this much more where you live; everything is more dramatic in the US. Glad you got the opportunities to go out and paint lately. Hope you're busy painting too Vic.