Thursday, 3 May 2012

Nude 4

Here are my latest paintings from the Life model session at the Bath Artists Studio. We were blessed with the same model as last time (see my previous post here) so I was very glad I had the chance to paint her again:

Model 4    12"x16" oil on board


The artists at work...

A subject Rembrant would have been happy to paint

My set up

The whole session lasted around 4 hours. After the last break, we had about 40 minutes left to paint and since I had finished my painting, I decided to do a quick study of the room. I set up on the corner behind the model:

Below this is the little study I did. I really had fun doing this one as I had to rush which made it more exciting and meant I didn't have the time to think too much:

Life model class at the Bath Artists Studio  10"x12"  oil on board

What got my attention was the contrast between the focal point - the peaceful life model beautifully lightened - and all the activity around and creative buzz.



  1. I like your painting of the whole group, that is really neat. I bet your group really liked it.A great way to chronicle the event. Also, I think the figure painting is probably the best of yours that I have seen. Very accurate but painterly too.
    I have a blog question. I tried to post and found out that I'm out of image space and will have to purchace more space. Have you heard of that? I wondered if once I pay I will have to keep paying each month.It sounds like I will.

  2. Hi Douglas, thanks for your lovely comment as always. That blogger space limit is worrying - I never heard of it. Have a look here:
    It seems the only real limit is your picasa album, but still it says here as long as your images are small then you should be fine:
    Let me know if you understand what is the problem... I would be curious to know what is happening...