Friday, 21 September 2012

The Bath Prize 2012!

Yesterday was the prize ceremony of the Bath Prize show in Bath and I'm terribly excited to announce I have won the Plein Air Prize!!!! It was such an honour as it has been won by talented painters such as Adebanji Alade and David Pilgrim the previous years. There was a tough competition with beautiful work from very different styles. The prize I won is a week holiday painting in Porthleven, Cornwall in May next year with two other painters. Fantastic!

Here is my selection of paintings for the show. I entered 6 paintings in total:

Sun between the clouds, Queen Square, Bath   10"x12"  oil on board

George Street - Friday evening in August   12"x20"  oil on board

Laura Place in wet July   10"x8"  oil on board

Sydney Gardens bridge on a summer afternoon   10"x12"  oil on board

Number 1, The Circus, Bath   10"x8"  oil on board

Time Out Café at the Guildhall, Bath, in the afternoon   12"x10" oil on board

The room was packed with artists on the prize night:

That is me below posing in front of my paintings and I can't erase the smile off my face as I'm holding the prize envelope:

five of my paintings together

Talented painters Andrew Taylor and Bob Child - who I did the show with in June - were also present for the evening and had great work on show:

On the picture below at the top you can see Andrew Taylor's lovely painting of the Guildhall market who won a special prize. Congrats to him!

I was very pleased to meet the talented painter Wayne Attwood who received a well deserved "highly commended" mention for his work and even managed to sell one of his painting before the show even started. That surely must be the fastest seller of paintings in the West...

Wayne Attwood with his lovely Pulteney Bridge painting behind him

An other grinning girl in front of her painting:

And below - this is the moment I received the prize. I didn't get the chance to actually climb on the podium as it seems there was only room for one person, although it was tempting to do so and would give a nice reminder of those great Olympic games moments we had in the summer, I would just need to find my own hands sign like Usain Bolt or Mo Farrah :-)

Click here to go on the official Bath Prize website for more info. All my paintings are for sale at the show. The exhibition will run until the 29th of September so make sure you have a look in the next few days if you are around. The exhibition centre is at 34 Stall Street, Bath, BA1 1QG, just opposite the exit of the Roman Baths.


  1. Fabulous and well deserved. You have been producing some first rate images and have captured the spirit of the City.

  2. These paintings are beautiful! I love them especially the first two! Well done! Congratulations!!!!
    Still haven't painted with you yet...:0(- but that's my fault..I've been a bit lazy travelling to Bath lately.
    But, once again- I wish you the best and I am happy you are getting the credit for all your hard work!!!

  3. It's brilliant that you have won and well deserved! Bravo! Plus, I'm looking forward to hearing all about your Cornwall trip here on the blog! :-)

  4. Excellent and very well deserved, Valerie!!!
    Fiona Hooper

  5. Congratulations. That is so well deserved. I will share this news with your Texas fans.

  6. Oh! Valerie, absolutely brilliant. You deserved it.
    All the best.

  7. Well done again Valerie - nice to see the pics!

  8. I stumbled across your blog and have been following it for a couple of months. I know Bath well and have enjoyed your descriptions of painting there - many congrats on winning the Plein Air prize. I especially love your Guildhall Market painting, but all of them are lovely and very recogisable as the Bath I know.


  9. just wanted to say well done, i was actually there and we stood near each other having photos took. my painting is down near the bottom and i just noticed it in your photos. i also managed to be right in the forground of another picture!
    maybe you would like to take a look at my blog, and we can keep in touch.
    I am local to Bath, but it was my first time in this exhibition and i will definitely try it again as it was such an experience.

    1. Hi Moira - nice to hear you were there too and and a shame we didn't speak to each other although we were just next to each other:-) Thanks for the link of your lovely blog and hopefully see you around.

  10. Well done Val, I saw your paintings today in the shop and they certainly had some tough competition! They are lovely, and well done for doing so well xx

  11. Thank you everybody for the kind comments and support! :-)

  12. Congratulation - great news! I'm so pleased for you.

  13. Thank goodness i don't have to eat my hat after all! I just knew that you would be the 'IT Girl' this time - well done Valerie! Tim

  14. Thanks Tim!! Your hat is safe indeed! Thanks for believing in me!!!

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