Monday, 19 November 2012

My new studio!

Please let me officially introduce you to my new studio!! I hope you don't mind but I need to share the excitement! As some of you might know, I just moved house a couple of weeks ago, and I'm very happy to be able to use the loft room as my studio. My mum visited me last week-end and we set it up together. It's now ready to produce master pieces!

As you can see I'm making the most of the space on the walls to place some boards still drying and hang my latest framed work too. I find it useful to be surrounded by my work while painting as I can take inspiration from it, steal the best bits and make sure I don't repeat the same mistakes!

My painting book collection finally found a suitable place:
(and no, I haven't started drinking, these bottles are for still life!) 

Just outside the door I hanged on the hallway landing a selection of work and prints from other artists which I find very inspiring, just the perfect invitation to go to the studio!

There is plenty of storage underneath the roof all around the room, so no more boards falling on my head while painting:

I'm loving the big velux windows overlooking the rooftops of Bath. The window gets the early morning light and is then clear of direct sunshine for the rest of the day which makes it perfect conditions to work in:

I just bought on ebay some drying trays for plates which work perfectly to dry wet boards:

They have become very useful yesterday as I took the huge task to triple prime over 40 boards in preparation for my next painting adventure:

Indeed I'm off to Venice the day after tomorrow for a week of plein air painting with a bunch of very talented painters. Can't wait! Looking at the amount of boards below, you'll probably think I'm bit overoptimistic to paint all that in one week, but it's Venice afterall! 


  1. Val this amazing! It seems we are both going to have new places to work in :) Cant wait to see what you paint in Venice! I hope the weather is nice xx

  2. Valerie,
    What a super space. It looks much larger than your other space and very organized.I am really happy for you.
    My computer has been in the shop so I've been away for a while. I wanted to also tell you that I really enjoyed your newest painting from your grandmother's house
    Have you had good fall color in your part of England? Our fall has been great and we have been getting out a lot to paint in it.

  3. Valerie - what a brilliant idea with those plate driers! I always place my boards all over the studio and the rest of the house, perched precariously on every available surface! It was like a light went on in my head seeing that - thank you. Hope you have a great trip with the gang.

  4. Thanks all!! I'm off to Venice now - catching my train in a minute - will post some pics on my return! All the best.

  5. Drooling with envy. This looks great and can't wait to see what Venice produces for you. There seems to be a real troop of English plein air painters out there at the moment. Enjoy it and let us know about your adventures.

  6. Fab! That looks so well organized, you haven't time to make a mess yet. Hope you have a very creative time in Venice and looking forward to seeing the results.