Saturday, 1 December 2012

Back from Venice!

I just got back from Venice - what a wonderful painting experience it was! I had only been there once when I was around 15 years old for holiday so it was my first time there as a painter. Although it was an informal 'unorganised' trip, we were actually around 14 plein air painters there staying in various accommodations and bumping into each other during the day. I did 18 paintings during my week there - it was quite a marathon! Here is below a quick glance at my work. I will now need to give a closer look at each painting and will post them gradually on the blog with action pictures in the following weeks. Watch this space!

Painting on Piazza San Marco © Luca Girardini - Photos -

Painting with Haidee Summers on Piazza San Marco

Painting the Grand Canal and Salute from the Accademia Bridge


  1. Lucky people, even luckier to have a trip at the same time as other artists. It looks like you had some challenging conditions and it'll be interesting to see how you all coped with them.

    1. I know we are very lucky and I really made the most of every minute there. I work full time as a graphic designer so painting holidays don't come very often. I will post more paintings when I get the daylight again at the week end...