Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mevagissey harbour

Here is a studio painting done for a commission a couple of months ago. A colleague of mine asked me to paint the harbour of Mevagissey (Cornwall) so she could give the painting as a present to her husband for his 40th birthday, as this is his favourite place. She gave it to him on his birthday as they were spending holiday in Mevagissey and he was really happy with it, which is great news.

Mevagissey harbour  12"x9"  oil on board

I loved the focal point of the bright white boats and the softer purple tints made by the buildings in the background:


I found the reflections in the water particularly fun to paint:

detail 2

Here is below the picture of my colleague's husband, Garth, which their son George, posing at the very same spot during their holiday in Mevagissey shortly after having received the painting:


  1. Nice painting Valerie.
    No wonder Garth loves it. All the best Valerie.

  2. This is another instance of your painting being so much nicer than the real scene while still remaining true to the actual place. So glad you are getting commissions. i'm sure your work is in high demand by everyone who knows it.

    1. Thank you Douglas for the lovely comment. The real scene is actually really pretty but the picture taken afterwards was on a dull day so it doesn't show its true beauty. Glad you like the painting.