Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring is here...back to the allotments

Most of you know that I have an everlasting love for painting allotments. And now spring is here, this is the first place I'm heading to. I just can't get bored of it. It always looks and feels different to me. This one below was done in the morning just after dropping my daughter to preschool. A real breath of fresh air and freedom to be able to get out and paint while someone else is looking after her!

What caught my attention was the contrast between the dark wooden shed and the bright green cover at the back. All this leading to the beautiful views over Bath.

Monksdale road allotments, early spring  7"x10" oil on board

This painting is available for sale here on my website where you can see a larger image of it.

After about 40 minutes

Detail 1

Detail 2

The painting below is a small sketch done at the week-end in the morning. I did paint this plot before for a commission but couldn't resist going back for it as the vibrant colours were calling me.

Mini series - Allotments 6    5"x7"  oil on board

Preliminary sketch

Blocking in the colours

The painting at the end


This painting is available for sale on my website


  1. Lovely Valerie! you are not alone in loving allotments, I could spend every day there, maybe not even painting I just love 'em

    1. Thank you Nigel! Yes I feel the same. It is the most peaceful place I know, so serene, best place to escape the hectic life!