Thursday, 8 September 2016

Baby, shows and calendars

I haven't posted much recently but I think I have a good excuse; we've just welcomed to the world our baby son Sebastian, born on the 28th of August. So I'm temporarily swapping paint brushes for milk and paints for nappies until I get back behind the easel in a few months' time - or maybe before? My husband found it funny that only a couple of hours before I gave birth, I was still sorting out a painting delivery between the contractions! Artist and mother go together! :-)

I just wanted to keep you updated on a few things here. First, for those in Belgium, I wanted to let you know that my exhibition "The Battle of Waterloo in paintings" held at the Waterloo Tourist Office has been extended until the end of September. So you still have a few weeks to view it. See my original post for more details here: info about the show

Talking about shows, it seems I will be exhibiting some of my work next year 4 March - 29 April 2017 at the Galleries Shop and Café venue in Freshford, Bath. I'll give more details soon.

And another good news to coincide with the new arrival: my new calendars 2017 have arrived! If you want to spend 2017 with my latest favourite selection of paintings, then you can order yours now on my website here:

As usual, there is a wall and desk calendar option and they can be shipped worldwide.
See below to have a preview of the selection of paintings.

Wall calendar cover

January - Note the original painting is available for sale here.




May - Note the original painting is available for sale here





October - Note the original painting is available for sale here

November - Note the original painting is available for sale here

December - Note the original painting is available for sale here

The same selection of paintings is displayed in the desk format:

For more info, go to my website:

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